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You are Cordially Invited

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

We've spent the last week sending out wedding invitations! Something I've been very excited for. When they arrived from the printers I immediately grabbed the nearest pair of scissors to open the package, and then proceeded to spend the next five minutes oohing and ahhing over them. I can't take a great deal of credit for these. I gave George a brief, we found the artwork we wanted and he came back to me with a design. I love them, I know they're my wedding invitations so I should love them, but I can't stop staring at them all the same! I think it's the pearlescent sheen on them, just keeps catching my eye.

I've been posting them out in batches over the last couple of weeks, safely in their burgundy envelopes with gold lettering (I made the mistake of letting George write a couple, engineers handwriting...)

So we're another step closer to the big day!

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