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To The Moon and Back

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

When quickly cobbling together our new Florida vacation itinerary we were keen to visit the Kennedy Space Centre. I haven't been since I was a toddler (when we came to watch a shuttle launch!) Something I have a vivid memory of, but I don't remember visiting the centre afterwards at all.

Shorts: Topshop NASA Tee: H&M

They have some really interesting sessions throughout the day where you can listen to and meet astronauts. It's great to hear about their missions and time in space, and ask any questions you may have!

There's lots of exhibitions to look at, there's a fantastic area dedicated to the Atlantis Shuttle programme, where you can get up close to one of the rockets and sit in one of the old flight decks.

My favourite part of the day was taking the bus tour out to see the launch pads and then visiting the Saturn/Apollo exhibition. The size of the Saturn rockets used on the Apollo missions were just phenomenal. A true feat of engineering and something pretty special to see up close.

Although you have to crane your neck upwards, as even led on their side they are huge. That rocket took man to the moon! And they've got the moon rocks to prove it.

If you're stomach is up to it (which mine definitely isn't) you can enjoy a motion simulator of how it feels to be blasted into space. You can also wander around the rocket garden and see how much the NASA rockets have changed over the decades. The originals are so small it's a wonder an astronaut could even fit in there!

If your in Orlando put the Space Centre on your hit list, a nice break from all things Disney and those rockets are something you really need to see in person!

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