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Tintagel, Port Isaac and Padstow

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Lots of people think of Padstow when they think of Cornwall, but did you know that Tintagel and Port Isaac are also only a short drive away and worth a detour?

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Our first stop of the day was Tintagel, a small town inextricably linked with the myth of King Arthur. Park in the main car park and head down the hill towards the castle. I can't tell you whether the castle is worth the entrance fee as we decided to skip it and head to the opposite headlands to get some great views of both the castle and the bay it overlooks.

The water looks so inviting, but don't be fooled, its still pretty fresh when you dip a toe in.

The view from the headlands is breathtaking in both directions, we sat down for a while to take it all in and let Cookie catch some shade.

But not for too long as it was time to be back off up the hill and onto Port Isaac for lunch.

Let's talk crabs.

Or more specifically The Krab Pot. If you can squeeze in and snag yourself a table it's worth a 20 minute wait. The crab sandwiches are superb. We were able to grab a window seat after the lunchtime rush and ordered up "the crab times three please", no messing around. It's all local and fresh off the harbour, it doesn't get better than that.

After a mooch around the shops we hopped back into the car and headed to the famous Padstow. Filled with surf and sea brand stores it's a Cornish shopping haven. Mum and I promised ourselves we'd only buy one stripey top each and both came away from the Quba sale with a bulging shopping bag each. What can we say, we love a striped top, they're timeless if you ask us - haha!

Now I've got to mention that Mum was dive bombed by yet another seagull. The woman has no fear and seems to stroll out into the most open space available, waving her ice cream around, providing endless entertainment for Dad and I. She'll never learn.

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