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The Walls of Dubrovnik

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

On our first morning in Dubrovnik, we got up early to take a walk before the heat of the day. The Ancient City Walls open at 8AM and take about 40-60 mins to walk around. Its a one-way system (clockwise) and a ticket gains you single entry. There are three gates to enter from (we climbed up at Ploce as it's a couple of minutes walk from where we were staying, but also ideal as it's quieter than Pile Gate).

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My strongest advice would be to this first thing, because A it's far too hot to do this any time after mid-morning, but B it's also a lot lot quieter. Even by the time we'd finished the walk at about 08:40 it was so much busier.

It costs about £25 per person for a ticket (which I thought was slightly steep), but the views are really really special, especially in the morning light, so we think definitely worth it.

At first it felt as if we had the place almost to ourselves and the city was still quiet below us.

The views over the water are stunning.

It definitely feels like Kingslanding from up here.

By the time we were about half way around it was already getting warmer, and once we passed the next entrance a lot busier.

I can't seriously believe anyone would choose do this in the middle of the day, but I've seen people up there so go figure! It can also get really busy when cruise ships come in and people flood into the city!

There are a few restaurants and places to stop for a drink if you're flagging, but we decided to carry on and look forward to cold drinks once we were back in the city.

There are amazing view points of Lokrum Island as you pass the South East of the city. You walk right above Buza Bar too.

And every now and then you come across a stunning little garden, an oasis hidden amongst the stone walls. I was admiring all the pots in this one in particular! (Yes that is a guillotine...)

Afterwards we headed straight to Cogito Coffee (we've been here every morning - so good!) for well deserved iced lattes. Workout complete!

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