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The Rock

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

I'm going to take you somewhere rather special for lunch. If you're ever in Zanzibar, make reservations at The Rock. I'll say it how it is... it's a little shack, on a rock, in the Indian Ocean, and they serve excellent cocktails.

It was only down the road from where we were staying, so ideal for a sun soaked little lunch date. We booked a Saturday lunchtime reservation a few days before we flew out to Zanzibar without any difficulty. If the tide is in (as it was for us), they'll punt you over in a tiny fishing boat, but be prepared for wet feet anyway as you'll need to paddle your way over to your ride.

The turquoise water is like something out of a travel brochure, you can't quite believe it's real.

Climb up the rickety staircase to your lunch venue! One room filled with tables and a small terrace out back to enjoy some rays.

Shorts (Sold out): Similar here

We quickly ordered two mojitos (when it comes to cocktails I'm of the opinion of why fix what isn't broken). We ordered different starters and mains and shared them together. This is my favourite thing about eating with George, we are both indecisive and happy to share with each other, so we get to try double the menu. I should mention that George's excellent company and conversation are also obviously why I love eating out with him (to save his pride). We had the seafood tempura and the fish carpaccio to start and the curried shrimp and catch of the day for mains. We skipped dessert, but only because there was another cocktail we had our eyes on. The "Pole Pole", which means "take it easy" in Swahili is a pudding in its own right. A concoction of Amarula, Kahlua, chocolate and milk, we highly recommend it!

We took our drinks outside to enjoy the sunshine. And before we know it, it was time to wave goodbye to our little lunch location! By the time we left, the tide had made its way out enough that we could wade our way back to shore.

I already feel like it was some sort of tropical dream!

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