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The Minack Theatre and St Ives

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Most of us have all heard the nursery rhyme "As I was going to St Ives". Whilst planning our Cornwall itinerary I was keen to visit the Minack Theatre (which is a short drive from St Ives) so ideal to pair up for a day trip.

The Minack is a rather unique open-air theatre, carved into the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic ocean. They put on performances most nights in summer so it's worth checking their playbill if you're headed that way (dogs can be taken in during the day but not for performances).

The setting is just breathtaking.

I can only imagine how spectacular something like The Tempest would be on a stormy night.

When we went it was anything but stormy. I was quite jealous of the beachgoers frolicking in the background. The water was pure turquoise.

Round the corner from the theatre is Land's End. What can I say about Land's End... well it is what it is, but it's really spoilt by all the tat and everything they try and oversell to you. Not worth the stop if you're on a tight schedule.

St Ives however, was a lot less tackier than I had anticipated. It doesn't have the same genuine quaintness that little fishing towns such as Polperro have, but there's lots of lovely stores to mooch around in, and cafes that sell ice cream flavours you couldn't imagine even in your wildest dreams.

Watching Mum get dive bombed by a seagull which was after her sorbet was pure, unadulterated hilarity. I'm howling just reliving it in my mind's eye now. If only I'd had my camera out then.

That evening we had fish and chips from the local chippy in the cottage and you could hear the local fisherman's choir performance wafting in through the windows on the summer breeze. What a perfect relaxed Cornish evening.

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