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The Eden Project

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

I've wanted to visit the Eden Project since I was a little girl and I saw them building it on the TV, it's just taken me two decades to make it down to this corner of the country. So when I finally got the chance to visit today I was really looking forward to it. I love all things botanical and it didn't disappoint.

Top: George (Old: Similar here) Shorts: Matalan

As I mention every time I visit a tourist attraction, pre-book! It's cheaper to buy your tickets online and it avoids all the queues.

There's two bio-domes, a Mediterranean and a Rainforest dome. My favourite was definitely the rainforest bio-dome with all its tropical florals. The sheer size of the domes and the range of plants they are overspilling with (from every corner of the globe) is really impressive. I did tend to meander towards all the flowering plants, but I really liked the fruit trees too.

After wandering around all the gardens we had worked up a bit of an appetite. Not far from the Eden Project is the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery and Cafe. So if you're not flowered out yet, head here to have afternoon cream tea (hopefully the sun will be shining and you can sit outside in the nurseries).

Then all you need to decide is whether you put cream or jam on your scones first!

There's also a home decor shop attached which sells all sorts of things you don't need but will definitely want!

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