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The City by The Bay

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

We left Sonoma first thing this morning, in order to get to the Marin Headlands as early as possible.

With such great views of the Golden Gate Bridge it can get crowded really early on. It's also lovely the way the light catches the water in the morning, so worth the alarm call.

In typical San Fran style the weather couldn't make its mind up. Blinding sunshine can turn to showers in seconds. So if the rain suddenly starts, it's worth just grabbing some shelter for a few minutes and it'll likely clear up.

Red coat: Zara Scarf: Old (Similar here) Blouse: H&M

Don't just stop at the scenic overlooks and then head straight into the city, the coastal point just a little drive further shows off excellent views of The Bay as well. There's a lighthouse too (but very restricted opening hours).

I could just watch the waves crash in all day.

Check Coat: New Look

It's breezy so pack lots of layers! We got caught in so many rain showers it became a running joke. I quickly purchased an umbrella once we got into the city.

Once over the bridge we took a little drive around some really beautiful neighbourhoods, taking in the colourful houses in the spring sunshine. Then after dropping the rental car back and checking into the hotel, we headed out to explore.

We had lunch at The Ferry Building Farmers Market. The best crab quesadillas from San Franfishco (which is a genius pun if you ask me!), and ice-cream so good it hurts to think about, from Humphry Slocombe.

We also walked up to The Flower Market, but caught it just as they were closing, so most of the vendors were clearing away (I think this is the kind of place for a first thing in the morning visit - if you're into flowers that is!)

On our way to dinner we stopped off to visit some very famous ladies...

...Painted Ladies!

San Francisco is famous for its colourful and beautiful architecture. The most famous of these is the postcard perfect row of houses opposite Alamo Square, but I'd take any house in the city to be honest, they're all just stunning.

We watched the sun set over the city and then headed to our drinks reservations at The Riddler.

A really tiny, but absolutely lovely bar. I definitely suggest making a booking for here, especially at the weekend.

We'd left dinner open to see what we fancied and ended up wandering back in the direction of our hotel, to have sushi in Japantown. The goyozas at Izumi are insane, as are most of the other dishes - conveyor belt style. We are sushi fiends so nearly always hunt some out when in a new city.

A really wonderful first day in San Francisco!

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