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The Allotment: Year One

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

November brings an end to my first season down on the allotment. Last week brought the first frosts and I spent the weekend digging up my dahlia tubers.

It seemed like a perfect time to reflect on the last six months, when I look back at the photos I took on the day I got the keys in May I can't believe the difference!

I started with a plot of weeds, some well above knee height! George helped me strim and clear a lot of it and then I put tarps down across the back half to stop more growth, they're still there now.

We also had to clear any rubbish and debris off the plot.

And then I dug...

And dug...

And dug. And whilst I was digging I started some seeds and tubers off back in the garden room at home.

I enlisted some help getting slabs down to the lot (George and Sam kindly "volunteered" to do the heavy lifting), these were just left at ours and Sam and Katys' properties when we moved in, along with all the bricks I used to make little paths.

Once I had dug enough space I got to planting.

And then watched it all grow! Although it took a lot of watering over the dry spells. There's no tap at the allotment so I have to carry the water down. I bought a second hand aquaroll on eBay and it's honestly one of the best £40 I've ever spent. Luckily the allotment is only a couple of minutes walk from the house and the journey is pretty flat (ish).

Having an allotment is like a free workout, digging beds and hauling water all the time.

And soon enough we got to enjoy the fruits (and veg) of our labour...literally!

And then the flowers came!

I also had a few dahlia plants in the garden as well, the Cafe Au Laits were my absolute favourite.

And once things started growing they just didn't stop.

I had oodles of flowers. And I have oodles of photos of said flowers, the memories of all the colours and flowers are bringing me joy as the nights draw in now.

The dahlias just kept on giving.

And giving, right up until the beginning of November!

The mini peppers were perfect for pizza toppings!

And I had a harvest of Baby Boos in September which I dotted all around the house.

The allotment has brought me so much joy throughout this really challenging year. A space to stick music or a podcast on come rain or shine and forget about what's going on in the world.

A house full of fresh homegrown flowers is certainly a happy place to be! I've already started sowing seeds and planting corms ready for next season.

I can't wait to see what next year brings!

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