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Swimming at Buza

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Most Dubrovnik travel guides mention Buza Cafe Beach Bar. A quite literal hole-in-the-wall (the city wall!) bar. I don't think I've ever seen a sign that I followed so quickly.

Built into the cliffs and looking out onto the Adriatic Sea, the views are pretty unparalleled.

Lots of guides/reviews suggest to visit for sunset drinks, but seeing as the sunset is actually blocked by the city walls we decided to head there mid-afternoon, for a dip.

Because if you make your way down all the steps, past tables on terraces (it seems to go on forever with so many levels), you'll get down to the sea.

Which is oh so inviting.

The weather has been amazing, but it can get really hot in the afternoon. This is the perfect way to cool off.

If you stay long enough you'll see locals jumping off the cliffs to relax in the water too, much braver than me!

I just enjoyed floating in the waves.

Before scrambling back up onto the rocks and laying out like a lizard to dry off.

On our way back up the cliff we stopped for a drink in the bar and took in the views of the water and Lokrum Island. They don't serve food here, but it's an ideal place to enjoy a beer and soak up the atmosphere. A Dubrovnik must do!

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