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Sunset in Dubrovnik

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

If you're ever in Dubrovnik, I have found the most wonderful little place for you to have dinner. It feels like such a well kept secret, but I'm willing to share it with you guys.

I stumbled across Prora whilst on Pinterest. Images of it's beautiful white tables by the waterfront drew me in. Prior to our trip I was really undecided as to whether to book a table or not, as a couple of people on Tripadvisor had felt it was a bit overpriced, but in general it's reviews were very very complimentary. I took the risk.

And boy are we glad.

Midi Dress : Oasis

It's outside of the Old Town, which means it doesn't get as much of the foot traffic and doesn't feel overcrowded. In fact, it feels incredibly intimate and romantic. There can't have been more than ten tables.

Just out on the rocks behind The Excelsior Hotel.

We made our way down along the sea front.

Taking in the views of the beach and Old City.

Just before you reach the hotel, if you look over the wall there's see a unique swimming pool down below. Fed by the sea water is a rocky little plunge pool where you can swim a few lengths.

It's the same stairs leading to here as the restaurant.

We ordered a round of cocktails and examined the menu. Lots of seafood! (the octopus carpaccio is to die for).

They had two acoustic guitarists playing, which was just absolutely magical. I got a bit teary when they played Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight.

The service and food was excellent, and as the sun sets lights come on and twinkle near and far across the city.

Truly one of the most magical nights.

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