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Spier Wine Farm

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Today is our last day in South Africa! Tomorrow we will fly up to Nairobi before heading out to the Maasai Mara to hopefully see some very special wildlife (keep your fingers crossed for us!)

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We didn't think we'd have time to fit in a trip to a vineyard whilst in Cape Town, but we managed to rattle through the rest of our itinerary and found we had today free. This meant we hadn't done much research, but luckily after a quick message to friends who have been we found out about Spier Wine Farm, and boy are we glad we did!

First, a quick coffee stop in the town of Stellenbosch itself (which is so beautiful - try and make time for a visit). We sat in the sunshine at Java Bistro and sipped our drinks whilst looking forward to a sun soaked afternoon between the vines.

Sidenote - I know this jacket has made a lot of appearances haha! I'm actually so glad I brought it with me as SA has been a lot cooler in the evenings than I thought it would be, and today was very breezy! After we've flown up to Kenya it'll be safely tucked away as it's going to be far too warm there to wear it.

After Stellenbosch we took the short drive to Spier. This is not your average vineyard, it's a full working farm and is very proud of its farm-to-table food and wine ethos. For this reason we decided to skip a formal wine tasting session (especially as we did a few when we were in the Hunter Valley last year), and opted for a more relaxed option.

We meandered past the vines to the farmshop where put together a picnic. Spier provides your basket, blankets and wine glasses, all you need to do is select your food and choose a bottle of wine. It's all packaged up and off you go.

We took ours down to the lake for a lazy afternoon.

Our wine of choice was their Signature 2018 Chenin Blanc (surprise surprise!).

They do have a very special award winning Chenin at the moment called 21 Gables, which they are rightly proud of! But it's quite a woody wine and we wanted something nice and light with our picnic.

Which was absolutely delicious.

You can pre-book a picnic hamper to collect on arrival which is quite cost effective, but seeing as we hadn't made our plans until the morning of we decided to wing it when we got here.

Just when you thought I couldn't eat any more I managed to sneak in a very chocolatey brownie!

Before packing up our basket to walk some of the food off down by the river.

If you're in Cape Town definitely try and make the time to get out to the wine region, we are so glad we did! And if you're looking for an excellent place to start, we absolutely loved Spier, not only for their wine but their beautiful grounds too.

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