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Updated: Aug 30

Earlier this year I managed to persuade George to tackle our kitchen. A national lockdown seemed like a good time to get stuck in to a new project and I'd been dying to get the kitchen looking lighter and brighter.

I really really hated the black worktops we had before. Although they were great quality, they just made the whole room look dark and dull and they were an absolute nightmare to keep clean, they showed every water mark and smear.

New quartz kitchen worktops obviously don't come cheap, so I made George a deal. If I did the overtime shifts in Critical Care to cover the costs of the worktops, he'd lay a new floor, paint all of the kitchen cupboards, fit new radiators...and do everything else that needed doing.

So, George got the old worktops off (not the easiest feat as they weigh an absolute tonne) and ripped up the floor whilst I was at work. We ate oven and microwave meals for a week as the hob had to be disconnected to get the worktop off.

Next he laid down a de-coupling membrane so that if there's any "movement" in the floor it won't crack the tiles.

The island and fridge freezer were in the dining room (which I actually quite liked as it meant I didn't have to walk as far from the sofa for snacks haha!)

The day the new worktops went on I think I actually cried with joy (I was a bit of an emotional wreck because it was right at the height of the second Covid-19 wave and work was a lot.)

They just completely transformed the whole room!

Next up was the floor. The tiles are from Mandarin Stone, they're the Fusion Light Grey Matt Porcelain, and I absolutely love them. The different effects across the tiles look so good when laid together and they seem really tough, so great for a high traffic area like a kitchen.

Once the tiles had been grouted we were able to bring the island and fridge freezer back in and get the dining room back to normal.

George then tackled the cupboards. He sprayed the paint on using a paint sprayer (we've used it for a few projects like the panelling in the bathroom and the cupboards in the utility). A paint sprayer gives an amazing smooth professional finish, which once cured really stands the test of time. The colour is Farrow & Ball De Nimes. I went back and fourth with paint samples for ages and kept yoyo-ing between worrying it would be too blue to worrying it wouldn't be blue enough. Anyway, it was perfect and I'm super pleased.

Finally we tackled the walls! I chose a super simple white from Dulux (cotton white) to keep things really fresh and not detract from the blue cupboards.

And suddenly we were done! Despite everything being in the same place, the room feels so much bigger. When we were painting the walls we took off the cupboards around the cooker hood and decided to replace them with open shelving, this added to the airy bright feel of the room.

I ordered new glassware from India Jane and stocked up the new shelves. We added mug hooks underneath to utilise the space below.

The evening light in here is amazing, it streams in from the front of the house.

I love it so much I almost enjoy cooking in here!

A lockdown well spent.

Kitchen Island: Etsy

Open Shelves: Funky Chunky Furniture

Bar Stools: Cult Furniture

Worktops: Marble and Granite Solutions

Floor Tiles: Mandarin Stone

Coffee Machine: Sage

Barn Star: Ebay

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