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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Today was our last full day in Zanzibar! Tomorrow afternoon we'll be flying back to Nairobi to catch our overnight flight back home to England. We'll be very sorry to say goodbye to our sunny paradise, so we spent today making the most of just being able to relax on the beach.

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One of the things I love most about going on holiday is that I read so much more! It's rare to find me without my kindle, and I've read quite a few good page-turners over the last fortnight. So I thought I'd share a few...

Recent Reads

  • Camino Island - John Grisham: An easy to read thriller following a heist targeting a high security vault and all the events that unfold.

  • Atomic City Girls - Janet Beard: I stumbled across this when browsing the Kindle site and have recommended it to a few friends. Following the women living in Oakridge during The Manhattan Project, I found it to be such an interesting read. I'd recommend if you liked Hidden Figures.

  • Tom Douglas Thrillers - Rachel Abbott: I've read the first three books in this series pretty much back to back. Each following a separate murder investigation the storylines are complex with lots of layers. They'll keep you guessing until the end.

  • The Unremembered Girl - Eliza Maxwell: I gasped aloud reading this haunting story about the abandoned and nearly feral girl Eve. Lots of twists and turns and certainly not a romanticised ending.

  • Dark Places - Gillian Flynn: Having read Gone Girl, I thought I'd try another of Flynn's crime thrillers, and I wasn't disappointed! I really couldn't call "who done it" until the very end. I definitely found myself getting very frustrated with the main character Libby though, she's a terrible person!

On My Reading List

Kindle: Amazon

I find my Kindle is perfect whilst travelling, it's so lightweight and can store so many novels, which saves lugging around enough books to keep me going whilst away.

Turning a few more pages and watching the little boats drift by was a perfect wind down to a perfect honeymoon.

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