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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Remember when we used to use our phones simply to call someone or send a text message? Long gone are those days, but it's not necessarily all wasted screen time and browsing mindlessly online.

Our phones and apps provide us with ways to live contemporary, connected lives. If you're interested in discovering a few new useful apps, here's our list of favourites that have stood the test of time and we now "couldn't live without".

Favourite Music App


This app isn't much of a secret, but it's a bandwagon I was late to jump onto. For a monthly fee Spotify lets you stream unlimited music. You can connect to your devices and play music via wifi and Chromecast too.

I've hugely expanded the range of music I listen to, to include far more jazz, country and other genres. Spotify's algorithm suggests tracks or playlists they think you'll like and I'm often discovering new artists.

Favourite Communication App


Not living close to my immediate family means we use technology to keep in touch. I speak with my Mum and sister on the daily, so having some "face to face" time is really important to us. Skype is still our tried and tested favourite.

Easy to use on the go (we've Skyped one another from all over the world), we can also have three way calls too when we're all in different places.

Favourite Home Tech App


Installing this system into our home was one of the best decisions we've ever made. After having a 'heated discussion' every time we got home from travelling somewhere, as I wanted a shower, but George had always turned the hot water off, we turned to finding a solution.

Hive solved that problem and more. Hot water? Switch it on from your phone on the way home. Left the heating on? Press of a button and it's back off again. Hive can also control lights, cameras and alarms systems. I honestly think it's the best app on my phone.

Favourite Airline App

British Airways

We're probably biased as we are loyal BA customers, but having updates on flights and delays ping to your fingertips is really helpful when in transit. Mobile boarding passes are great and easier to keep track off than paper too.

Favourite Fitness App


I like to get outside and exercise rather than workout in the gym.

This app allows me to track my progress and improvements, whilst also giving me updates on my time/distance on the go. It can also be used to track other activities such as cycling and skiing.

I've trialled a few similar apps and this is my favourite.

Favourite Travel App


So many people ask me how I find great hotels, restaurants and places to visit when on the go. Unless it's from a personal recommendation, I almost definitely found it on TripAdvisor.

Based on millions of reviews it's usually a pretty safe bet to follow the advice of those who have been before you.

I have never booked a hotel without checking its ratings and reviews here first.

Favourite Inspiration App


An oldie but a goodie. I use Pinterest mainly for home decor, travel and recipe inspiration. Easily pinning to boards means you can collate ideas and come back to them later.

I also use this app to share my blog posts with others.

Favourite Weather App

Dark Sky

I'm a Brit, and therefore love to check and talk about the weather. After becoming frustrated with inaccurate forecasts and unreliable predictors I did a little research.

This is the best app I've come across. It will tell you when it's next going to rain, how heavily, and when it will stop. It'll ping you notifications and tell you when to pack an umbrella too if you want, great for when on the go.

Favourite Shopping App


In a world of online shopping and brands based solely on the web, it means we are often ordering clothes to try on at home. Sometimes they don't fit, but you have to send them back and wait for the return to be processed before you get your refund.

Well not anymore! Klarna lets you make your order, return what you don't want and only pay for what you keep.

Lots of shopping platforms are already using it as an available payment option, with more added to the list everyday.

Favourite Parking App


This may seem an unusual app to include in a favourites list, but when George stumbled across this a couple of months ago we were so impressed.

It allows you to search and view real-time availability in car parks all over the country. When you arrive you can open the barrier using the app, starting your session and a pay per minute charge. So no more scrambling around for loose change in the bottom of your bag!

We've found the car parks really well priced and secure. You can even reserve spaces in some locations.

Favorite Accommodation App


I've made no secret of my love for this app. If we can, we'll always choose an apartment or a house over a hotel room. From a couples getaways with George, to large group trips with my girlfriends I've never had a bad booking. Only great value for money.

My best advice is read the reviews closely and you can't go wrong. The app also allows you to invite and share your bookings with those you're travelling with, so everyone has the details.

Favourite Design App


I mainly use Unfold for my Instagram stories. It allows you to easily manipulate multiple layers of photos and videos with text. There are loads of templates for inspiration, or you can start your own design afresh.

Favourite Phone App


Identify and block those pesky spam calls or texts, and search for unknown numbers.

A spam list built from more than 250 million users, save your time by blocking unwanted phone calls.

Favourite Reading App


Okay, so this isn't really a reading app, it's an audiobooks application. My friend Lianne has been recommending audiobooks to me for ages, but I wasn't convinced I'd spend much time listening.

However, after spending more and more time listening to podcasts I figured an audiobook wasn't all that different and I'd give it a go. I started with Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' and I haven't looked back. I've already got a long wish-list of books I want to listen to.

I can multitask and listen when doing other jobs (putting my make-up on and styling my hair) or when on the go (driving to and from work).

Favourite New App


My friend Katherine recommend this finance app to me. Chip moves money for you in an intelligent way.

Every few days, the algorithm calculates what you can afford to save based on your spending habits. It then transfers that money from your current account to your Chip account. You put money away for a rainy day without even feeling it!

Use my code for better interest rates when you join: CFS17E

Favourite app for spending too much time on your phone?


There's an app for that too! You can find it under the iOS settings. You might look at how you spend your time on your phone and not feel the need to change any habits, or you may freak out and immediately start a digital detox.

Whatever your reaction, I think it’s healthy to be aware of usage habits. You can set yourself daily limits and dedicated downtime away from your screen.

Any apps you couldn't live without? Let us know!

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