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Updated: Oct 6, 2019

This weekend my friends and I spent a weekend on the Welsh coast celebrating our friend Sarah's 30th birthday. We booked out the whole of One Cat Farm, a countryside escape like no other. A place where time stands still, an amazing little glamping site with just four eco huts, it's so private and remote. Prepare for a digital detox with no wifi or phone signal, it's good for the soul.

We stopped off on the way for lunch in Ludlow. You may remember this pub from my post earlier in the year.

My Dress: ASOS

We ate in the beautiful conservatory at The Charlton Arms.

Really great gastropub food with stunning views of the river and bridge over to Ludlow.

As soon as we'd finished eating we jumped back into the cars in order to get on with the rest of our journey.

On arrival we quickly set up our festival themed birthday decor (Sarah loves festivals and it was a great excuse to hang onto that last feeling of Summer).

We were greeted by the cat in charge, Mogul.

And popped the bubbly!

Cheers-ing to the great weekend ahead and taking in the gorgeous surroundings.

We unpacked our bags into our cabins and took a swing in the hammocks.

That evening we cooked a fiery chilli on the campfire which we ate with jacket potatoes and a large dollop of homemade cheese sauce. We set up an outdoor cinema and got comfy on the seats with our meals on our laps. Campfire still crackling away in the background, a very memorable viewing of one our favourite films Pretty Woman, with a hearty serving of popcorn of course!

The next morning we awoke in our snuggly cabins and had to drag ourselves out of bed to get the stove on for a cup of tea.

And start the fire for breakfast!

Much easier than you think, and the most amazing smokey taste!

After all the washing up was done we spent the day exploring the nearby beach towns of Aberaeron and New Quay.

Aberaeron is a little Balamory town with its pretty colourful houses and a pebble beach.

We headed over to New Quay for lunch (about 20 mins down the coast).

And there was one place top of our list...

The Lime Crab for fish and chips!

We sat on the harbour enjoying our food and watching the boats bob in the waves.

It was a tad breezy so we headed over to the beach for a bit more shelter.

My Dress: Zara Trainers: ASOS

Sprawling out over our blankets and going for a dip in the sea.

We reluctantly got back in our car late afternoon to head back to the farm, the weather was just so balmy we didn't want to leave the sea, but we had a great evening lined up back at the campsite.

These wood fired baths have changed baths for me forever.

Swimsuit: Gap (on sale!)

The most relaxing hot bath with stunning views of the sunset over the fields.

We sat chatting and giggling until our skin had gone all wrinkly.

That night we danced the night away under the stars until the early hours.

And all too soon it was time to pack up our things and load the cars after one last fiery breakfast.

What a weekend.

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