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On The 'Wolds

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

My Mum and Dad visited last weekend, which was the perfect excuse to take Cookie to The Cotswolds!

I took them to one of my favourite spots from last year, the Cotswold Lavender fields. The blooms are late this year compared to last, but from now until August they should be pretty stunning.

We packed a picnic which we enjoyed at the fields, you can take in your four legged friends too!

After a heavy lunch we needed to walk some of it off. We chose a walk we've done before, which starts in the gorgeous village of Stanton.

I swoon over this thatched cottage overtime we come here.

Roses rambling up the front of all the houses.

We had planned to stop in at The Mount Inn, but we just missed it's lunchtime opening times. So instead, we drove to Chipping Camden, to another of my favourite haunts.

The Lygon Arms has a pretty little seating area in the courtyard outside, and they serve just about every type of gin. And water for thirsty pups!

The weather is set to be stunning this weekend too, if you're near The Cotswolds it's the perfect place to enjoy the sun.

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