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New York Part II

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Our last day in New York was really special, I think my favourite of our time there. On New Year's Day from mid-morning onwards the sky was clear and the winter sun was shining.

We had a late breakfast at Katz's. This delicatessen is famous for two reasons. They serve insane sandwiches, but it's also where 'the scene' from When Harry Met Sally was filmed. We shared pastrami and pickle (I'm still dreaming about this sandwich even now), and beef brisket with gravy. Go with empty stomachs and leave fit to burst.

After breakfast we headed downtown.

The last time I was in Manhattan the 9/11 Memorial was still under major construction. I was really interested to see firsthand what they had done with the space, but I must admit I didn’t expect to feel as ‘moved’ as I did.

Seeing each and every name, with roses pinned for someone’s birthday, it was difficult not to think back and remember being a little girl and watching that fateful day on the television. We spent a few moments paying our respects, each with our own thoughts.

The Oculus station at the One World Trade Center is quite a building! A dove from the outside, but a light and airy space inside. After a coffee we caught the subway down to the southern tip of the city.

I’ve walked the Brooklyn Bridge before, but with such glorious sunshine on New Years Day it felt really special.

Coat: New Look Scarf: ASOS Jeans: ASOS Boots: New Look Bag: Kate Spade

I had to dig my sunglasses out of the bottom of my bag it was so bright!

Once over onto the other side we carried on into Brooklyn Heights. Sam and I spent the walk deciding which houses we wanted to buy, the real estate here is very enviable!

We reached the promenade and sat down on the benches to enjoy the unusual winter warmth, taking in the Manhattan skyline. I felt so lucky to be sat there with my new husband and best friends at the start of what I hope to be another fantastic year.

Heading back under the bridge is DUMBO, a quirky little area with fantastic views of the Manhattan bridge. We wandered past street performers, one of them playing a favourite song of mine “Toto - Africa”.

Our lunch spot was a place that Sam and I had picked out when we were putting together our itinerary for the trip. Vinnie’s in Williamsburg is quite something. A tiny little pizza joint with only about four booths to sit in. Order by the slice or have a whole pie. I had ‘Happy Bleu Year’, a blue cheese, chicken and pepperoni creation to die for.

We still had a few hours to spare before we needed to leave for the airport, so we enjoyed a few drinks in Williamsburg before popping into Martha's Country Bakery. They serve the best NY cheesecake I have ever had (by a clear mile), I'm still telling people about it now.

Brooklyn has a very different vibe to the busy streets of Manhattan and it was really nice to enjoy the atmosphere on a relaxing New Year's Day.

We headed back to the hotel for one last drink in the rooftop bar before hopping in an Uber to the airport. A trip we won't forget in a hurry!

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