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Monte Carlo

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

This weekend George and I have been in the South of France celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday, and we have had such a good time (probably a little too much fun!)

Today we decided to take the train down the coast to Monaco. At just 2km squared it’s the second smallest country in the world, perfect to explore in a day!

As soon as we came out from the station we headed up the hill towards the ‘Old Town’, Monaco-Ville. It’s a bit of a hike to the top, but well worth it for the insane views over Monte-Carlo and rocky coastline.

Beautiful coloured houses with stunning balconies and architecture look down on you from all sides.

Leopard skirt: New Look

Jacket: Stradivarius (Last season: Similar here)

Hat: Old (Similar here)

Meander between the narrow streets, picking up souvenirs and ice creams as you go.

And if you time it right (we did by complete accident), you can see the changing of the guard ceremony at the Palace. It’s at 11:55 each day.

Next we headed down towards Monte-Carlo (the main district in Monaco). They were setting up the track for the upcoming Grandprix as we walked along the waterfront, I can only imagine how bustling it will be with the stands filled with motorsport fans.

But we carried on walking to somewhere we could undertake one of my favourite sports. People watching.

I don’t think I’ve come across a better place for Olympic level people watching than Monte-Carlo. Grab yourselves a table at the Cafe de Paris and you can people, car and handbag watch to your heart’s content.

I know I shouldn’t, but when I’m somewhere like that I just can’t help but accidentally listen in to peoples conversations! Oh the drama! I ordered an Aperol Sprtiz and soaked up the sunshine and Monaco’s latest gossip.

We decided not to eat at Cafe de Paris at it is really rather spenny and you can only eat from the full restaurant menu inside anyway. Instead we grabbed some croque monsieurs around the corner and ate them looking out at the yachts coming in to the harbour.

Last but not least on my Monaco to-do list, was a spin on the roulette wheel. We headed into the casino and I placed my bet on Red 21. But, alas! It wasn’t to be. But when in Monte-Carlo and all that.

Note that if you want to play on the tables in The Monte Carlo casino you have to pay a €17 fee. We went in for a mooch but actually ended up playing roulette at the Cafe de Paris casino, where there isn’t any fee.

If you’re in the area I definitely recommend putting a day aside to explore Monaco, but a day is certainly enough. Much more and you’d end up bankrupt (from either too much roulette or your bar tab!)

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