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Mdina, Malta

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Our second day in Malta was spent exploring the stone streets of Mosta and Mdina.

Midi Dress : Oasis

(I bought this dress in the longer length and it is a swishy summer dream!)

Easy to tag into a day trip together due to their close proximity! We started our day in Mosta.

The main pull of this town is Mosta Dome, an incredible (and huge) Roman Catholic Church, with one of the biggest domes in the world. For €2 a ticket you can have a wander inside, which I'd highly recommend. The dome is something that needs to be seen to be believed. And it's something of a miracle, as during WWII a German bomb was dropped into the church during mass, but never exploded.

Once our necks were sore from craning our heads back to admire the ceiling we headed on to Mdina. A walled city atop a tall flat hill, with views to die for.

Can you see Mosta Dome?

And the buildings aren't too shabby either.

Nicknamed 'The Silent City', with only residents' cars allowed in and out (and there's only 300 people living here), you're free to wander the tiny stone side streets without fear of being squished by traffic.

I had a real love affair with the doors and windows of Malta, each a little work of art in it's own right. I even brought back a fridge magnet of a traditional Maltese door.

Pass under archways to find hidden gardens.

And though gates to find little cafes.

Hannah took me to a place she has been coming since she was a child. A rather unassuming doorway lead to an oasis in the city wall which I would have completely missed if on my own.

And hiding behind all the beautiful hanging baskets and fruit trees was a staircase...

...leading to treasures!

And the prettiest little terrace atop the city wall.

Fontanella Tea Garden serves up some seriously good food, with stunning views from the city's bastions.

Definitely sit outside if you can! Order an Aperol Spritz and a pastizzi (told you I can't get enough of these Maltese pastries).

You may even get a new friend stop by for a flying visit.

Mdina is a city like no other I've been to, every corner hides a hidden gem.

An adventurers paradise!

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