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Kynance Cove

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Somewhere that has been on my hitlist for a long time is Kynance Cove. It was recommended to me by a couple of friends during their travels to Cornwall, and after they showed me photos it has played on my mind ever since. I think partly because I just couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that this beach was in England. And having visited I still kind of can't, it is spectacular.

Shorts: Old (Similar here)

On our way we decided to take a detour for a picnic lunch at St Michaels Mount. You have to time your visit here carefully as the causeway is only accessible when the tide is out (although you can always catch one of the little boats that ferries people to and fro when the tide is in).

We only stopped for lunch and didn't enter the castle as we already had a jam-pack day full of plans, but there was enough time to admire some of the houses owned by the handful of people that live on the island.

After lunch we drove down to the southern peninsula of Cornwall. We parked up and made our way down the rocky steps to Kynance Cove.

And let me tell you, bouy are those steps worth it! (Even the climb back up!)

The beach is strewn with huge rock formations and boulders, making for something quite special. You can tuck yourself up in a sheltered area, spread out your beach towels and then head in for a paddle (I haven't quite braved a swim in the sea yet). If like us you've got a furry friend with you, they're very welcome at the beach bar.

When you're headed down to Kynance Cove, Lizard Point is well worth a stop too, only a few minutes drive away. This is the most southerly point of Cornwall and if you're lucky (as we were) you'll see a few seals basking in the late afternoon sunshine.

The Cornish coastline is just taking my breath away. I think Cookie agrees.

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