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Krka National Park

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

If you ever travel to Split, every single travel guide will mention the Krka National Park waterfalls.

About a 90 minute drive from Split it’s an easy day trip for locals and tourists alike. We booked a transfer via an agency as we didn’t have a car in split, and in some ways this was a blessing. If you drive to Krka you have to leave your car in the car park and shuttle down to the waterfalls (we entered the park via the Lozovac entrance), and the lines we saw for the shuttle bus back up the hill were insane. If you’re with a tour company, they can drop you an pick you up right in the park. This saves either a big queue or a serious hike back up to your car, but it does mean you’re restricted to tour operating times (which are likely the busiest times of day).

We did a ‘no frills’ tour which consisted of a transfer to and from the park, others include stops along the way at other historic sites. If you’re a student bring your student card as there is a huge discount on your park entry ticket (over 50% off!) Once you’ve been dropped off it’s still about a 30 minute (very easy!) walk to the main falls and swimming area.

The only problem was, there seems to be no maximum number of people that they allow to enter the park, and it was heaving. I think half the number of people would have still been too many! So if you can visit midweek in the shoulder seasons you’ll likely have a much better experience. But we were here and I want going to let a few crowds put me off, so I changed into my swimming costume and went in for a dip.

Swimsuit: Gap

The water is a really lovely cool temperature and exactly the refreshment you need on a hot day! The waterfalls are breath-taking, some of the most impressive I’ve seen, and it’s really cool that you can swim around them.

There is a current, this is a river not a lake! So it’s worth watching out for that. And it is very rocky around the edge so if you’ve got water shoes they’re useful, but not essential. I managed in flip flops.

There are lots of food outlets you can get lunch from. We packed a picnic (but forgot the bread!) so had to grab a couple of extra bits. There aren’t any lockers to store anything so either don’t take valuables or make sure you can keep an eye on them.

Would I recommend Krka to a Split first-timer? Yes. Would I go back again in the main tourist season? No, but I’d visit at another time of year.

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