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If You Go Down to The Woods Today

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

One night after work this week, my friend Katy and I decided the weather was just too nice to turn down the opportunity for a picnic. We popped into the supermarket on the way home for supplies and dug out the cushions.

George and I live about fifteen minutes walk from Sam and Katy's, so I dropped Katy at hers and then swung home to find George. We walked back across the fields up to theirs for the evening.

The flowers along the paths were all in bloom, putting on the most wonderful show.

And the first fruits of the season were hanging heavy on the branches, I can't believe it's late July already.

We arrived at theirs and sprawled out underneath the crab apple trees.

Katy came out arms laden with trays of food from the kitchen and I did the honours of opening the wine.

We talked, laughed and bickered for hours.

Only making a move when the sun had almost completely disappeared behind the horizon.

When the weather spoils us this much I can't wait until the weekend to enjoy it, I just want to soak up every second, even if that means making something special out of a Thursday evening.

Oh these Summer nights!

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