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I thought my first post should be a bit of an introduction...

I'm Vicky, a full time nurse working in the UK. I've kind of wanted to start a blog for years but agonised over whether or not I should put myself 'out there'. But recently I've thought, I don't have to put myself 'out there', a blog can be a creative outlet for me. And then if anyone else is ever interested enough to read it that's great, but I'm equally okay if it's just only ever my Mum and Dad!

I started taking photos (other than the grainy ones on my old iPhone!) a couple of years ago. I asked for a camera for my birthday after becoming frustrated at never being able to capture holiday and travel snaps at the quality I wanted. My boyfriend at the time (now fiancé!) was kind enough to get me one, we took a couple of photography lessons and we were on our way. Now, as per always, George's skills have far surpassed mine and I'm playing catch up!

We both love to travel and it's what most of our spare income goes towards. We've just got back from a snowy winter trip to Canada, and we're lucky enough to be currently in the process of planning a dream honeymoon through South Africa, Kenya and Zanzibar later this year, but more about that another time.

George and I met eight years ago at The University of Nottingham and we've been a team for the last seven. We both graduated in 2014 and moved in together then (we'd previously been housemates at uni so at least I knew what I was letting myself in for!). We then bought our current house in 2015 and it's coming up to the three year mark since we moved in, and I still absolutely love it. Which is good because I never want to move ever again, I hate the hassle of changing my address so much (can you imagine the pain it's going to be changing my name?! - its a contentious issue haha). Anyway, we're getting married in October, an Autumn wedding, and I can't wait! I'm so excited to have all of my nearest and dearest together for a big celebration and to share the love.

I think that's enough about me for now! I'll post about our recent trip to Canada soon.


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