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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

This week I've got a couple of days off in-between my night shifts, so I've popped home to my Mum and Dad's. I haven't seen them since the wedding, and as all the wedding footage was delivered this week it was perfect timing for a catch up and reminisce.

Hannah and I drove over to Stamford this afternoon for a little mooch, and whilst there stumbled across Café au Chocolat, a lovely little cosy café and chocolate shop.

We picked a selection of truffles and caramels and took them home in a little box to eat whilst watching the footage this evening.

After an amble around the interior design and homeware shops we thought we deserved some liquid libations.

We grabbed a glass of wine each and soaked up the last of the day's autumnal sun outside Paten & Co.

Whilst we were sat there a woman who was passing by commented on how much she liked my beret - It's one of my favourites so her compliment really made me smile! I love all berets, but I picked up this olive one when I was in Budapest with friends last year. I've found a similar one online here.

Some say Halloween, Hannah and I say 'Hallo-wine'.

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