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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

After our wedding, and before we rushed off on honeymoon, I am so glad I put aside some time to press some of the flowers from my bouquet. Having them dried means I'll be able to treasure them forever.

It's taken me ages to find exactly the kind of frame I wanted, I ended up stumbling across these beautiful gold double glass frames in T K Maxx last week.

I first tried my hand at pressing flowers last year, when I pressed a very special rose for a friend. Now I've gotten the hang of it, I thought I'd share how to do it with all of you so you can dry and frame your special flower memories too!

All you need is a few sheets of normal printer paper and a lot of heavy books!

Here's how to do it:

  1. Wait for your flowers to open up as much as possible whilst still in a vase, it makes them easier to press open.

  2. Cut the stem as close to the flower head as possible, without damaging any of the petals or where they're held together.

  3. Slowly unfurl the petals until you've got the flower head as flat as you can. Be really light handed with this stage as the flower can just fall apart in your hands if you're not super gentle.

  4. Once you've got it as flat as possible, place it between a few sheets of plain paper, three or four on each side (the petals don't all have to be perfect and flat, I think the imperfections are what make them so special).

  5. Place the pressed flower (which is now between the sheets of paper) at the back of a heavy book. Then place three to four more heavy books on top.

  6. Check on them every day or two at the beginning and very carefully change the sheets of paper. They'll become damp as water is drawn out of the flowers (don't panic if you can't do this, mine were fine without paper change whilst I was on honeymoon).

  7. Keep them in a dry, warm place and within three to four weeks they'll be ready to be framed! Again, handle them with care as they'll definitely be even more fragile when dry.

These are my favourite picks for frames.

I love that I was able to frame some of the pheasant feathers from my bouquet with them too, and those beautiful purple clematis really pop!

Memories I'll treasure forever.

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