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Forty Winks: Tips for a good nights sleep

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

As a nurse who works night shifts I know a thing or two about sleep. Over the years I’ve found and developed routines to help aid peaceful slumber, no matter the time or place.

These tips can also help when travelling and trying to switch between time zones/combat jet lag.

  • A warm bath with bubbles, essential oils and a good jazz playlist. My favourite bubble bath is L’Occitane Shea Rich Foaming Bath, partnered with bergamot essential oil (bergamot slows heart rate and reduces blood pressure, helping to create a calming effect).

  • Screen-free downtime. Get into a good book and try to read for half an hour if you don’t feel quite ready to nod off. Bright lights from phones and tablets can mimic daylight and make you feel more awake. My recent favourite reads are here. I also recently read and absolutely loved this book.

  • Lavender everything. This purple plant is well known for its sleep inducing properties and is something I swear by. I have a few favourite lavender products, including this candle, this body lotion and this pillow spray. An essential oil is also a good option, apply sparingly to pulse points to help relax.

  • Invest in excellent curtains or blackout blinds. Nothing spoils a lie in like bright sunlight. Although, if you want a gentle wake up then rising with the sun can help. This lamp alarm can be used in place of an early sunrise in the winter.

  • Good quality bed linen. Nothing quite helps you drift off like crisp fresh sheets. Use jasmin fabric softener for added zzz’s.

Panda Mask: New Look

Happy snoozing!

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