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Fortnightly Favourites #5

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Recent things I can't get enough of!

1. The Cotswolds

I make no secret of my love for this part of England, and with the weather finally warming up it’s time to make the most of the beautiful countryside we’re surrounded by. If you’re looking to make a trip to The Cotswolds this summer I have this, this and this post which might spark some ideas!

2. Beyoncé

I am well aware of how late I am to the Lemonade party, but since it’s recently been released on Spotify I haven’t stopped listening to it. My favourite track is Daddy Lessons (I think George is close to throwing my phone out the window I listen to it so much!)

I’ve also just watched Beyoncé’s new film on Netflix. Homecoming, the film documenting her legendary performances at Coachella last year, completely blew me away. It’s amazing - watch it.

3. Denim Jackets

The perfect layer to get us through til Summer heats up, I’ve been wearing my denim jacket on repeat.

Mine’s from Stradivarius last season, but I’ve picked out some of my favourites that are currently on the high street.

4. My New Curlers

My ghd curling tong took a hit on a recent trip and was unfortunately beyond even George’s repair skills. I really didn’t want to fork out on a new one, so took a look at some less expensive models to see if I could find something to tide me over. I am so impressed with this Babyliss one that I’ve been recommending it to everyone. Exactly the same size barrel as my ghd tong was, and adjustable heat settings. You’ll be blessed with good hair days with this in your arsenal.

5. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

I feel a little premature adding this to my Fortnightly Favourites as I’m actually yet to watch it. But I can’t wait. I loved the Ted Bundy Tapes on Netflix and have read rave reviews about Zac Efron’s performance in the film. It’s top of my watch list.

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