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Fortnightly Favourites #1

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

A new feature for The Lonsdale Diaries! I've decided each fortnight to share five new favourite things. From clothing to books, food to brands, music to places to visit, in the hope they might bring you a little joy as they have me!

1. Tortoise Shell

I've always been a fan of this classic pattern, but with the change of season I've been picking up a few items to take me into spring. These sunglasses and earrings from H&M will be great to pair with spring/summer dresses.

Sunglasses and Earrings: Both H&M

2. Desert Island Discs

I know I'm late to the game here. This radio show has been going for over 75 years, but I've only recently started listening via their podcast channel. My favourite episode is with Tom Hanks, I shed a few tears listening! George and I have taken to listening to the odd episode on a long car journey, we enjoyed David Beckham's interview this weekend on our drive back from Berkshire.

3. Papier

We recently had some of our wedding photos printed in a small album. I think eventually we'll have a large book put together with many more photos, but I haven't found a company I'm happy with yet. In the meantime we chose our very favourites to have printed by Papier, and we are really pleased with the quality and finish. A beautiful book to share with family and friends.

(They currently have 40% off photobooks!)

4. The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

This is actually a TV series I watched at the beginning of the year, but it is just too good not to share in my first Fortnightly Favourites post. Set in 1950s New York City, it follows Miriam Maisel's breakup from her husband whilst she also discovers her talent for stand-up comedy. The costumes are just fantastic, as are the storylines! I binged the first two series in days, put it at the top of your watchlist!

5. Citrus Candles

I came across The Botanical Candle Co on Instagram, so when they had a sale last week I seized the opportunity to try them out. The house has since been filled with the scent of Valencia oranges. I really like a citrusy candle, especially in the kitchen, it's fresh but sharp. I also bought a few as gifts for friends, and what better to light them with than their luxury matches.

Candles and Matches: Both The Botanical Candles Co.

More favourites coming in a fortnight, but to keep up with things day to day follow me on Instagram stories!

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