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Cocktails in Chinatown, Bangkok

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

George and I are currently in Thailand, ready to celebrate our friends’ wedding in Krabi next week (which I am beyond excited about). We couldn’t turn down the opportunity for a quick stop in Bangkok on the way out though, so are spending a few nights here and exploring the city.

Dress: ASOS

Last night we left the hotel and hailed down a tuk tuk to take us to Chinatown. We meandered down the main drag (Yaowarat Road is currently trialling pedestrianised zones on weekend evenings, so is closed to traffic after 7PM). Every inch of roadside has a street vendor jostling for room, and I could probably only tell what about a third were selling. Some fruits so exotic or fish unusual that I couldn’t tell what they were!

We passed shops selling lanterns, neon signs advertising herbal medicines and restaurants serving birds nest and shark fin soup (which we steered well clear off!) It’s a complete assault on the senses. Sounds, sights and smells pressing in on all sides. We snuck away from all the noise on Yaowarat Road and took a side street to find a little cocktail bar we had read about.

Wallflowers is a cafe and bar at the edge of Chinatown. The cafe is open during the day, but we were here for the rooftop cocktail bar which opens in the evening.

We climbed up the rickety stairs for what felt like forever, but finally tumbled out through a window onto the roof. Plants growing from every corner and crevice, it’s a botanical paradise.

We pulled up some bar stools and studied the cocktail menu. All inspired by fruits and flora, they were heavenly, and we ordered a round of what we fancied most. We peeped over the parapet and watched the street below, bustling with locals and tourists alike. As the sky turned pink with the sunset we sipped our drinks.

By late evening our stomachs were rumbling, so we headed back down to street level in search of food. We tried all sorts. Satay skewers, Thai crispy pancakes, pork dumplings and milky coconut jelly. Just finishing one thing as we spied something else we wanted to try.

The city is also preparing to celebrate Chinese New Year over the next few weeks, so there were street performers and entertainers as well. Almost overwhelming, barely a quiet corner to be found, Chinatown is excellent for an evening in Bangkok.

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