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Cape of Good Hope

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Today George and I took a little road trip down the Cape Peninsula, through Table Mountain National Park. All the way to Cape Point, with a few stops along the way!

First stop, coffee! At Bootleggers Coffee Shop in Kalk Bay. I went rogue and tried a Matcha Flat White, which was actually quite pleasant once you got past the colour.

Next stop, Boulders Beach...

...the home of an African penguin colony!

The little guys are everywhere!

Make sure to take both tracks down to the beach as there's two different viewing spots and the one off to the right as you go in is missed by lots of visitors and therefore much quieter.

George and I were actually alone there for a few minutes, so I sat myself down so I could just take it all in. Definitely in my happy place.

I finally had to drag myself away, I could have watched them all day, but there was more to see!

Shorts: Monki Trainers: Nike

We headed into Cape of Good Hope National Park, right the way down to Cape Point. Watch out for the baboons here, they mean buisiness. They can be really quite menacing so keep your distance.

Keep climbing past them, up all the stairs to the top of the cliff.

Backpack: Kate Spade

And stick your head over the edge, trust me the views of the beach below are worth it! Photos really don't do it justice, but watching the waves crash in is mesmerising.

Make your way back down to the car park (keeping an eye out for these little guys too - dassies!)

Take a different route back to Cape Town, head left out of the National Park towards a tiny little town called Scarborough. Here you'll find a little cafe called The Hub. Go upstairs, sit outside and order the beef burger with cheese. Hands down the best burger I've ever had. There's no photos I'm afraid, I ate it too quickly!

After this, drive the toll road (Chapman's Peak Drive) back towards Cape Town. The views are to die for.

And if it's the right time of year, keep your eyes on the ocean too as you might see whales!

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