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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

A little break from all things honeymoon travels! (Sort of).

During this trip George and I have been talking about bucket lists. As I mentioned in this post we didn't have a guest book at our wedding, we had a bucket! For guests to share ideas, adventures and advice with us. We've also been fortunate enough to tick off some once in a lifetime locations on our honeymoon. So it got us talking, about the places we've been and think are worth the highest of recommendations. The experiences and memories that last a lifetime. And the places and things we still want to do!

Our Recommendations

  • Giraffe Manor: It'll come as no surprise that our recent trip to this hotel makes this list. It is truly one of the most incredible places we've ever been. Read the blog post for lots of details and photos.

  • Skiing in La Grave: This is one of George's. We were talking about the best places we've skied and as G has done far more skiing than I have he can give a better recommendation. His bucket list ski location is La Grave. It's an off-piste resort for advanced skiers only (you have to carry avalanche equipment!) So don't any of you beginners like me be getting any ideas.

  • Hot air ballooning in Australia: Another very special memory for us is drifting in the basket over Mareeba in Queensland, watching the sunrise and the kangaroos hop around below us.

  • Do a brewery tour: Now I've done a few in different places, but the Carlsberg tour in Copenhagen is definitely the best! If you're interested in the Guinness tour I have a blog post here.

  • Macarons in Paris: Go to Ladurée and have Macarons, make sure you order them in French!

  • Kynance Cove: This beach in Cornwall is by far the best beach I've been to in England. Order a Rose Lemonade at the beach bar and watch the waves crash in.

  • Go to the Theatre on Broadway: If you can get tickets to watch Chicago it's absolutely incredible! Hamilton is on my hit list next.

  • An unusual beach on the Amalfi Coast: Drive the coastal road down to Fiordo di Furore. Park in Furore and take the cliff stairs down to the beach. I warn you the climb back up is killer. But I'd do it again, it's worth it.

  • Dive in the Red Sea: We've both dived at a few places around the world (Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii) but we both agree that the dive site called El Bells and the Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt is our favourite. You descend through a chimney flume in the coral wall, before swimming over the huge cavernous hole approximately 25m across, which plunges down from the reef table. Look out for turtles and other marine life!

  • Sip rosé in the autumn sunshine: On a crisp sunny day take a drive down to the Cotswolds with friends. There's a little pub called The Swan in Bibury, grab a table outside and sip a glass of blush. Whilst you're here visit the famous Arlington Row of cottages.

  • Sunrise at Haleakala: If you're ever in Maui you're in for the best sunrise of your life. It's a very early wake up call to make the trip up the East Maui Volcano in time for sunrise, so best done before your body has acclimatised to the time difference. It is truly breathtaking.

  • Cocktails in Budapest: There's a tapas bar in Budapest called Vicky Christina Barcelona. Go, order the Flowergasm cocktail and the patatas bravas, thank me later.

  • See the Penguins at Boulders: Another one we've ticked off on honeymoon, read this post for all the details of this South African adventure.

  • Balance rocks in Cairns: On a beach so small it doesn't even have a name, just off the Captain Cook Highway between Cairns and Port Douglas, we came across something strange but wonderful. People stop here to balance rocks on top of each other in amazing formations. No-one knows how it started, but it's a magical little place definitely worth a stop!

  • See wild orangutans in Borneo: Travel up the Sekonyer River on a klotok boat, unplug from everything and sleep under the stars for a couple of nights. In the jungle in Tanjung Puting National Park you'll not only see our orange friends, but many other monkeys and wildlife.

  • Auschwitz and Birkenau: This isn't a fun or happy experience, but a place I really feel everyone should visit in their lifetime so I felt should be on this list. To quote George Santayana, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".

  • Picnic in South Africa: Visit Spier Wine Farm, pick up a picnic and a bottle of wine and laze about in the vineyards. The perfect sunny afternoon.

  • Whale watching in Maine: Take a boat cruise from Boston Harbour and hopefully you'll see Humpbacks, Minke and Finbacks.

  • Try puffin in Iceland: If you're ever in Reykjavik, book a table at Grillmarkaðurinn and have the tasting menu. It's a foodie experience my sister Hannah and I will never forget.

  • Safari and see the Big Five: We're currently undertaking this right now! So far we've seen the the lions, buffalo and elephant. We're still looking for leopards! And unfortunately there aren't any rhino in the Conservancy at the moment. We highly recommend safariing in the Maasai Mara, blog posts with more info to come soon.

Places still to visit

  • Drive the Highway to Hana: We've actually completed half of this, but due to a landslide couldn't drive the second half. We'd love to go back to Hawaii and see it to the end. One of the most stunning coastal drives.

  • Taj Mahal: For sunrise!

  • Mojitos in Havana: Mojitos are my favourite cocktail, a timeless classic. I'd love to visit their birthplace and try an original.

  • Road trip Southern USA: There's lots of cities on my list here, namely Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans and Nashville. (It would be ideal to time a visit to New Orleans when Mardi Gras is on).

  • See Orcas in the wild: Visit the San Juan Islands to go and see Killer Whales in their natural habitat.

  • See the Northern Lights: These tricky devils have evaded me a couple of times now (in Iceland and Canada). Maybe it's third time lucky!

  • Leaf Peeping: Visiting Vermont as the leaves turn every shade of gold looks like an autumn dream!

  • Cherry Blossoms in Japan: A trip to Okinawa has been on my bucket list for a long time.

  • Hiking in Canada: We've skied here in the winter, but I'd love to go back during summer months when all the lakes are thawed and you can hike the mountain trails in the beautiful National Parks.

  • Machu Picchu: The hike up to this ancient Inca civilisation looks breath taking.

  • New Years Eve in NYC: What better place to ring in the new year?

  • Cocktails at The Rock: We're doing this on Saturday! In Zanzibar there's a little shack on a rock out to sea, and they apparently serve excellent cocktails. We'll be sure to let you know!

Any ideas you think we should add to our list? Let me know!

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