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An Anniversary in the Country

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

George and I have just got back from spending our first anniversary in the South Downs. At a place I've been dying to get to for quite some time.

Wriggly Tin! A group of old shepherds' huts nestled amongst the ferns in the middle of the woods. Each tin is unique and has its little quirks and appeals. We stayed in Old Winnie, a hundred year old, beautifully restored hut, set back in it's own private copse.

We arrived just as it was getting dark on Friday evening, so first job was to get the fire lit and the kettle on. There's a wood-fired stove in the hut and a campfire outside, so you can cook on whatever you feel most comfortable with. As it was still drizzling we opted to heat up our dinner inside. I had pre-cooked a pork and cider casserole which we took down with us and heated on the stove, and baked potatoes in the oven. We popped the champagne and looked forward to a great weekend.

After we'd finished eating the rain had stopped, so we went for a soak in the hot tub that sits next to Old Winnie. The clouds had cleared and it was such a clear night sky . The stars came out and gave us an incredible show in the inky blackness.

I was worried about being cold in the night, but it was quite the opposite! The stove burning in the corner and down filled duvet kept us so snug I actually had to fling the windows open to keep cool.

Wellies: Hunter

Black Oversize Roll Neck: Monki

Fedora Hat: Old (but I love this one)

Next morning I was up early, wanting to have more of a look around. I stocked up on logs from the wood store, lit a fire and got water boiling for tea. George finally appeared at the sound of breakfast!

Alex dropped off our locally sourced breakfast basket, and we set about on the logistics of cooking everything on the campfire.

Radio: Roberts

We served everything up and ate with the radio tinkling in the background.

After all that bacon we thought we'd better walk some of it off, so after washing up we headed out into the countryside. We chose a long walk to the village of Soberton and back, stopping for a really good late lunch at The White Lion.

We made our way back to camp via Hambledon, to pick up a few bits in the village shop, before heading over the hill through the local vineyards to Wriggly Tin.

Oversize Check Shirt: Superdry

Jeans: Levi

Once back I was definitely ready for a soak and a good book.

(I'm reading The Handmaid's Tale, I can't get enough of the TV series)

And then I received an invite I couldn't turn down, the opportunity to beat George at backgammon!

My victory was short lived and we were soon drawing for the title.

We whipped up a batch of popcorn on the campfire and played until it was pitch black, with only the hurricane lanterns to see by.

On Sunday morning we cooked one last breakfast and enjoyed some glorious sunshine.

George had to practically drag me into the car to go home. It really is one of the most special places we've ever stayed.

If you're planning an autumn countryside getaway I've put together a list of top things I recommend to pack!

Packing List

  • A pre-cooked dinner for your first night (it can take a while to get your fire hot enough to cook on, so if you're arriving in the evening I suggest bringing something you can just heat up - or Wriggly Tin can make you a home cooked welcome meal on request)

  • Wellies (it can be muddy around camp, especially after it's rained)

  • Radio (I can't be without mine in the morning, use one with battery power as there's no electricity to plug in to)

  • Popcorn (a perfect evening snack)

  • Games (backgammon, a pack of cards, whatever you fancy)

  • Swimsuit (for the hot tub)

  • A portable phone charger (I had my phone switched off for most of the weekend, but it's good to know you can charge it up in an emergency)

  • Layers (you never know what to expect with that unpredictable British weather)

  • Hat (to hide any bad hair day!)

  • Books (a real page turner)

  • Champagne (you're on holiday after all)

If you're not already planning a countryside getaway I recommend that you do, and put Wriggly Tin at the top of your list!

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