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A Year Ago Already

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

It's been a year since we got engaged! I honestly can't believe how the time has flown, so to mark the occasion I thought I'd write a post on how/where George asked me to marry him.

This time last year we had just flown out to Australia with my family for a long, well awaited and anticipated trip. We'd been planning this holiday for about the five years previous, trying to account for everyone's work schedules and itineraries, so it's safe to say we were all excited. After an incredible first day hot air ballooning in Mareeba (a bucket list item for all of us) I thought we'd peaked too early and Australia couldn't really get better than that, how wrong I was.

On the Tuesday morning George told me he had a surprise after breakfast and we'd be heading out in the car. At this point I was just nervous that he was going to try and make me bungee jump (which he'd done the day before), so when we turned up at the airfield my nerves turned to intrigue. We went into an aviation centre, where he said we'd be going on a helicopter tour over the Great Barrier Reef. It was then that I kind of just lost my mind with excitement. We filled in all the insurance forms, got our life jackets on and headed out onto the tarmac.

We made two stops, the first at a tiny sand bar called Vlasoff Cay. It was really windy due to being right out on the reef without any shelter, but the water was just beautiful, clear as glass. We had a wander around, but decided it was too windy here to stop for lunch, so carried on. Our second stop was at Turtle Bay, which is on an outcropping of the mainland so much more sheltered from the wind. The beach here is truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, and the weather was just perfect. It was here that George asked to marry him (and I off course said yes!)

Lots of people have asked me whether I knew he was going to propose. I was definitely a little suspicious when we were getting on the helicopter that this might be where things were going, but he took so long to do it that I'd written off the idea. So when he dropped down on one knee I was so nervous that the first words out of my mouth were a few expletives, quickly followed by a yes - haha!

We then had a champagne picnic on the sand and one last wander down the beach before heading back to tell my family the exciting news (although my Mum and Dad were in on it already!)

Lots of fizz and celebrations that evening and for the rest of the holiday! And even a year on I still can't get enough of my rock, he definitely chose well.

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