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A Rainy Day at The Beach

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

We didn't have anything planned for our last day in Croatia, so once we got to Split I did a little research on local beaches. None of the ones in and immediately around Split took my fancy. They just looked a bit sprawling and over-crowded.

I like a small beach or a little cove. Pebble or sand I'm not fussy! I came across a blog which had pictures of Brela (a small town about an hours drive down the coast) and knew I'd found exactly what I was looking for.

We had no luck with weather at all when it came to our beach trips in Croatia! Much like our afternoon in Hvar the forecast changed to rain, but we didn't let that stop us! We caught the bus from Split with Promet Makarska, in the direction of Dubrovnik (we didn't hire a car in Croatia as we knew we wouldn't need it enough). How on earth we got on the right bus at the right time will always remain a mystery. It was pandemonium! We asked at the info desk for help and somehow ended up on a bus going in the right direction.

It was a bit of a trek down to and back up from the beach to the bus stop, but I'm not sure even having a car would have been much help as places to park are very thin on the ground. And I promise you the hike is totally worth it! We made our way to Podrace beach first.

The Adriatic Sea has the clearest waters.

Once the rain started we moved under a big tree for shelter and remained remarkably dry! And better still, everyone else left so we had the place completely to ourselves! It was still warm enough to be in swimwear.

We sat reading books for a while until the rain passed, and then made our way along the waterfront to explore the next beach.

Punta Rata is a larger pebble beach with a great backdrop of the mountains.

It was once Forbes number one best beach in the world, and you can see why! There's little coves off to each side to explore.

We came across a lovely little bar/cafe called Macic. They put a table and chairs on the beach for us and we enjoyed a glass of wine before taking on the steep walk back up the hill.

Don't write off a rainy day at the beach, just make sure you pack your um-Brela!

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