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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Today's mini-post is about a very special item we were gifted as a wedding present.

My mum and dad wanted to get us something to remember our big day, and when they asked me if there was anything we would particularly like, I immediately thought of Lauren Taylor Engel's amazing illustrations which I had seen online.

I got in contact with Lauren to talk about options. We decided on an 11 x 4 watercolour and that George and I would send her over our chosen image after the wedding.

We waited for all our pictures from our wonderful photographer Katie Ingram and then picked our favourite.

Lauren then got to work on our stunning illustration. I actually teared up when I opened the package she sent. The level of detail on my dress is just insane!

Such a special memento of such a wonderful day.

It has pride of place in our lounge. Thank you mum and dad for such a treasured gift.

I also think this would make a wonderful 1st anniversary 'paper' gift for a significant other. Lauren's style is just so beautiful and exactly what we were looking for. We already have her Plaid print in our bedroom, and I've got my eye on her Vintage Vogue Vol. 5 for our spare room.

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