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A Perfect Day in Singapore

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

After visiting Thailand last month, we stopped for a few nights in Singapore, and absolutely loved it. It's a breath of fresh air, so clean, beautiful gardens and super easy to get around.

For this blog post I've picked out some of my favourite things we did whilst there, to create a perfect 'one day itinerary for Singapore'.

Brunch at Wildseed Cafe (at The Alkaff Mansion)

A little out of downtown, this beautiful outdoor cafe is set in a large park and surrounded by terraces.

The garden room outside is such a beautiful setting, canopied by trees and adorned with flowers. People bring pets too so it makes for excellent dog watching.

The menu is vast, I opted for a pizza, whilst George had a more traditional breakfast.

We went early to avoid the heat of the day, the humidity in Singapore is hard to bear at the best of times!

The ArtScience Museum

After an outdoors brunch you'll want somewhere to cool off a bit. The city has some excellent museums (I also highly recommend the Red Dot Design Museum!), but my favourite was the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. The Future World Exhibition went on my 'Singapore to-do' list as soon as we made our plans to visit.

The use of art and light is just stunning.

I could have spent hours in the Space room, the sounds and light movements in here were so calming.

Like a super relaxing sensory room.

And the air-con is a very welcome break from the sticky humidity!

Gardens By The Bay

Possibly my favourite thing to do in Singapore was wander around the Gardens by The Bay. It's absolutely worth the entry ticket to get into the domes, but if you only have the time/budget for one, I marginally preferred the Cloud Forest.

The Flower Dome is still spectacular though. A botanical garden kept in a permanent state of spring.

They had a Dahlia display on whilst we were there, with dahlia upon dahlia as far as the eye could see. More varieties than I even knew existed!

I'm now looking forward to planting my dahlia tubers at home soon, for this coming summer/autumn. Fingers crossed I mange to grow some as big as these (they were like dinner plates).

The cloud forest had more unusual flora and fauna, with a huge indoor waterfall towering over 30 metres.

Displaying plants grown high up in the misty mountains, it showcases incredible colour and texture.

The walkways have stunning views out over the bay and to the islands beyond, making a wonderful backdrop for all the flowers.

And as you spiral down back to ground level, each turn has more pops of colour.

It takes two to three hours to visit both domes, so put an afternoon aside.

Eat at Haji Lane

This neighbourhood was right next to our hotel, so was perfect for grabbing a bite to eat.

The area has such a great atmosphere, and so many choices to eat. We had a really good Italian meal at Cicheti (nice to sit outside in the evenings, and an extensive wine list). We also came across an amazing little cocktail bar called Bar Stories. They don't have a menu, you just tell the bartender what flavours/drinks you like and they'll create a concoction unique to you. I said I like fruity/floral flavours and got the most amazing fizzy strawberry drink.

The beauty of Singapore is the way so many cultures meet, a melting pot of traditions and heritage. The area around Haji Lane is such a good representation of this, with so many different people from different cultures living here.

Garden Rhapsody

Singapore doesn't lose its shine when the sun goes down, if anything it gets more beautiful.

End the night watching the light show at the Gardens by The Bay. I was honesty so mesmerised I just sat there for the full 15 minutes, completely enraptured.

A perfect end to a perfect day in Singapore.

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