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A Morning at The Castle

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

There's nothing quite like catching the first few rays on a sunny English day. My friend Steph and I got to Kenilworth castle for opening time and had a rare twenty minutes of the place to ourselves!

An opportunity to roam the gardens freely.

We climbed up and up...

enjoying spectacular views of the nearby cottages!

Then as soon as the first school trip of the day arrived we meandered back down to the lawns to enjoy a drink and a catch up.

If you've got time, the Queen and Castle is just over the road. A great spot for lunch!

Cotton Midi Dress: New Look

I absolutely love my English Heritage membership, I can pop out to places on a whim when the forecast is good and leave as soon as it starts to get busy. The locations have loads of great picnic spots, and I can even take a friend in for free too!

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