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A Little Beach in Hvar

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

The island of Hvar is famed for its incredible beaches, and it’s only a stones throw away from the Paklinski Islands too, which offers even more coves and inlets to choose from (see my post about that here). This post is about a stunning little beach we found, and it’s walking distance from Hvar Town, so you don’t even need a car to get to it.

Pokonji Dol beach is a pebble beach about 25 minutes walk from Hvar centre (there is a little car park if you are driving).

Now, don’t turn your nose up at a pebbly beach, I actually prefer them to sprawling sandy beaches. You don’t get covered in sand and if you take a couple of towels they’re more than comfy enough to lie down on (or you can always rent a lounger if you’re there for the day!)

It was actually raining whilst we were walking there and for a while after we arrived, but a little rain never stopped us. It meant the beach was really quiet and then after half an hour the sunshine came out and we could lay out on the rocks.

The water is so refreshing and lovely to swim in, crystal clear (and no sea urchins that we saw around here!)

There’s two little bar/restaurants here, we preferred Mustaco which had a chilled little beach bar vibe and served a full range of drinks. There’s also a full restaurant inside if you’re peckish.

We only spent an afternoon here, but I could have easily whiled away an entire day, a really really lovely little beach!

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