What made you start blogging?

I ummed and ahhed for a painstaking length of time before taking the plunge, and I have no regrets since tying my first post in March 2018! Maybe just that I'd started sooner. I used to write regular update emails to my close family anyway and this seemed like a natural extension of that. Lots of friends told me I should start a blog, I should have listened!

Who takes your photos?

Me and my husband George.

What camera do you use?

George shoots on a Canon 6D Mark II, which he invested in once we started taking photography a little more seriously. We probably use this lens most, as it's the most versatile and can be used for both landscapes and close-ups. I still have and use my first DSLR, which is a Nikon D3300 (this has now been superseded by the D3500). If your thinking about dipping a toe in this is such a great starter DSLR, I have recommended it to many friends and family. We edit using Lightroom presets. Our photography and editing process is completely self taught, through a lot of trial and error!

I want to get in touch!

Drop me a line here!