I started this blog as a place to document my adventures and share my photos. If it's only ever my Mum and Dad that read it that's okay, I've kind of dedicated it as a future journal to myself, errant thoughts and photos included. I named it The Lonsdale Diaries as I created my blog not long before I got married and changed my surname. Although this was an exciting prospect, I wanted to keep a hold of Lonsdale in some way, I've grown quite attached to it!

I should also credit my lovely husband George here too, he takes a lot of our photos too! We got our first camera a few years ago, it was one of my birthday presents, but (and this seems to happen far too often) George quickly surpassed me in ability and I've been playing catch up ever since! He now has his own camera too, and we take them along with us on all our travels.

I've put together a little list of FAQs here!


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